Monday, Monday

I just got back from running 3 miles this morning.  Since I have started running 2+ years ago it has become one of my favorite hobbies. I am trying to exercise most days not only to stay healthy and try to lose weight, but to keep my mood elevated during this transitional period of my life.  After feeling content with my life back in St. Louis, it is a difficult thing to be uprooted from everything that is familiar and comfortable.  It would be easy to slip into a negative mindset, e.g., I don’t have friends here.  I don’t have family here.  I don’t have a job.  I’m lonely. I’m bored. I miss my house. You get the picture. I have to continuously remind myself that it’s not like I’m the first one to ever have to do this.  People do this all of the time.  People do this ALONE.  Now THAT takes major courage.  At least I have my TWO partners!  Before we moved my sister gave me a nice going away card with a lovely message and I cried my eyes out.  As Natalie pointed out, it’s not like anyone has died!  We have so much to be thankful for in life and we need to keep things in perspective.  I’m happy to say I have not shed a tear since we left St. Louis.

David thought people may like to see some pictures of our apartment.  Here are a few..






I hope that everyone has a great Monday.  I will leave you with this image…





4 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. I’m going to enjoy reading your blog. I’m so proud of you that you’re doing VERY well….away from home, family and old friends! But of course, you have David, your BEST friend! & Bru too, your best buddy!


  2. Your guys apartment is nice! I really like that you have a pool there 😄 I’m glad that you guys are adjusting so well there. It’s been raining and yucky and hot here. Miss you guys!!!


    1. Thanks, Lindsay! It has been pretty hot here too. In the 90s all week. Yes, good thing for a pool! I am going to start reading the book you recommended for me TODAY! Miss you guys, too! Hi to Parker and Dan! 🙂


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