Morning rituals

This is becoming a nice morning ritual.  Drinking my coffee while I am writing and watching Good Morning America. I also enjoy turning the TV off and reading the Upper Room daily devotional. Only takes a few minutes and sets a good tone for the day.  This is a tradition passed down from Grandma Sterling and my Mom. I know mornings won’t always be like this so I am savoring every stress-free, jobless moment!  After a hectic past few months with selling the house and moving, I needed some time to let my batteries recharge.

I am grateful for the park that I have found nearby.  Atlanta Memorial Park has a beautiful landscape with golf courses, tennis courts, walking/running trails, bridges, and streams.  It even has some old railroad tracks that you can run under.  Very scenic!


I notice that some of the trees are different here than in the Midwest.  They look like pine trees, but have really long trunks and no leaves until the very top of the tree.  Can anyone tell me what kind they are?


Brutus loves walking at the park and I can stop and let him drink out of stream when he is thirsty.  He enjoys getting his paws wet, of course.  Just like at the lake!



It’s going to be a hot one today.  High of 98 degrees and head index of 105.  I am happy to know that these are record temperatures for this time of year and not the norm.

To close, made another great Pinterest recipe last night called Skillet Lasagna.  Easier and possibly better tasting than classic lasagna.  Oh, and David gives this one a 9.5.  Another Pinterest win!  The one change I made was using ground turkey instead of ground beef.  Can’t even tell a difference.


Make it a good hump day. 🙂




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