Fried plantains

I figure it’s time for another post since I have been slacking the past week.  Things are good here in the ATL.  I continue to look for jobs 2-3 times per week.  Haven’t had any calls for interviews yet, but I am hopeful that will happen soon.  

I have been exercising every day and really watching my calories so I can splurge on the weekends.  It has been fun researching new restaurants to try.   

Friday night we went to Cypress Street Pint & Plate.  It is located in Midtown in Tech Square.  We drove through Georgia Tech’s campus and saw some of the sorority and fraternity houses.  Couldn’t believe how BIG and nice they are.  I tried to be semi-healthy and had a grilled chicken quinoa wrap with jalapeño coleslaw.  Really good and I didn’t feel too guilty eating it. 

Last night we went to The Vortex, also located in Midtown.  David saw it on an episode of Man Vs. Food and it did not disappoint!  Fabulous burgers and good drink selection.  I had the Four Horsemen burger (minus mushrooms of course) and fried plantains. Yum!  Plantains are my new favorite side and they seem to be everywhere. We will definitely be back soon!  There was a random mixture of decor covering the the walls with red lights glowing throughout.  Very fun and ecclectic place- can’t wait to go back with out-of-town visitors. 

Check it out here-



Missing all of my friends and family!  Thanks to those who have called, texted, and e-mailed checking in on me the past few weeks. It’s nice to know that despite the miles, I am still able to feel close to home.  💜




4 thoughts on “Fried plantains

  1. The Vortex looks fun and very colorful/festive! Your food must have been delicious. Wish I had been there with you and D.

    One of these days you’ll have a few interviews. I’m sure of this bc MKB. 😉

    Loved, loved, loved the quote!


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  2. When dan and I come visit you must take us there! You will def get interviews soon!! You will definitely be a asset to any company😄 miss you and can’t wait to talk soon!!

    Love you

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