So much for writing daily blog posts…or even weekly posts!  It’s been awhile.  The truth is most of my days have been pretty ordinary and I haven’t wanted to bore anyone, but now some positive things are in the works!  Recently I accepted a state job at Dekalb Community Service Board in Decatur, GA.  I have to say this is the most excited I have ever been about a job.  The biggest difference I see so far is that from day one I felt that I was WANTED. I don’t feel I am going to be treated as just another number.  I had a good feeling after the interview and gladly accepted the position.  One of the best things about the job is that it is through the state of Georgia which means great benefits including getting all of the good holidays off.  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?  Yes, please!  Thanksgiving and the day after?  Even better!  The biggest job perk will be having my own company vehicle and office.  No more wear and tear on my Jetta and my own space to work! Seems too good to be true, but I feel I have put my time in over the years and deserve this kind of opportunity. 

Recently I was listening to a podcast and she was talking about how to improve your likeability and discussed that the more you are liked, the better your chances are for someone to go out of their way to help you.  Without saying too much, during the process of obtaining this new job, I was both shocked and disappointed about the lack of support from someone I expected it from most, and then also amazed and grateful for the abundance of support where I least expected it.  Life is just like that sometimes. We can be hurt by those that we would have never thought would hurt us.  Other times people who we used to be very close to, but time and distance have separated us, still may care so much that they will go above and beyond to  make sure something good happens to you because they just genuinely like you.  These are the people you want to keep close.  These are the people you will return the favor to. 

I once read a good article about how to deal with those who have wronged you. Mentally, you just have to put them on another shelf.  It doesn’t mean you burn bridges with them, it just means that they no longer need to know what is going on with you and you aren’t going to share anything with them anymore.  It’s a lot easier to do this than to have anger, hurt, and resentment.  In facebook world this is called, “unfollow”!  Maybe some day I will have enough bravery to “delete” them totally.  Ultimately, you are being the bigger person.  You are not allowing the unfair actions of someone else to get you down.  Man, I have been through a roller coaster of emotions since I have moved here, but overall I am feeling very happy and settled.  It helps that most everyone here in the South is so flippin’ nice!

Tomorrow David and I are going to start house hunting.  FINALLY!  We are also looking forward to having brunch with one of his co-workers and his wife and they are going to show us around the Kirkwood/East Atlanta area where we are interested in buying a home.  David and I love being with each other, but it will be nice to spend time with another couple! It’s been too long.  After we have picked out our favorite homes, our realtor, Chip, is going to take us out to look at some next Saturday.  Hopefully it will be an easy process from there. 

Yep, life is good right now.  We have so many blessings to be thankful for.  Atlanta is feeling more and more like home and I even catch myself wanting to say “ya’ll”.  Not yet though! There’s something about hearing it over and over again. 

I’ll try not to go so long without posting the next time.  I SO appreciate the people who have made an effort to keep in contact with me.  Miss everyone!




2 thoughts on “Likeability

  1. Even though we talked a LONG time today and I knew all of your thoughts already, I still think this blog is awesome! You have been so brave through this whole moving process and dad and I are VERY proud of you! I could never do what you have done.
    Luv u mucho,


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