Happy Fall Ya’ll! (Almost)

It is beautiful out today!  Mid-seventies, sunny, and low humidity.  Definitely feels like Fall!  Speaking of Fall, I was invited to a Fall themed “Crafternoon” party today where everyone brings a craft to work on and/or a dish to share.  I am not one to be too crafty, so I had to look to Pinterest for inspiration.  I only attempt crafting projects when it’s #1 easy and #2 I’m pretty certain I can’t mess it up!  So, I wanted to share the links for the pumpkin cheese ball I made as well as the Fall ribbon wreath.   Did I mention that I LOVE fall?  It’s my favorite. 


This recipe is super simple.  It really looked cute served with black tortilla chips. 

Onto the ribbon wreath! I went to Hobby Lobby to purchase the  ribbon. Originally I intended to make a halloween wreath based on the pin I found on Pinterest.  Well, little did I know how much ribbon costs so I went for the fall colors which were 40% off.  I wrapped the straw wreath first with brown ribbon so that no straw would peek through.  I cut each ribbon to about 22 inches and I think I ended up cutting around 10 ribbons from each pattern.  Then, all you have to do it start knotting the ribbons all around the wreath until it is covered.  It’s as easy as that!  I was satisfied with how it turned out.  I would definitely do this again for other holidays. 



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